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Friday, 16 September 2011

2 Tips to reduce weight

My dear friends,

If you have been struggling very hard to reduce weight,  then I have got two tips for you. If you follow the two tips strictly, then you will surely reduce weight within short period of time.

First Tip:
1. Eat heavy breakfast.
Breakfast is important for your memory and you need energy to carry out the day's work.

2. Have moderate lunch. If you have heavy lunch, you might feel sleepy.

3. Have light dinner. Maybe half of breakfast.
Since you are sleeping and don't have to work,   light dinner is sufficient for you.

Second Tip:
Go for walks or do aerobics in the morning or in the evening. The more fun way to shed extra fats is to dancing to a tune of music.

If you follow the above tips, I am sure you will reduce weight fast.

 if you have reduced weight by following the above two tips, just let me know.

With  regards,


  1. hello there.
    thanks for the tips...
    May i ask you something?

  2. sure.. I would love to answer you.. I will wait for your answer.

  3. thanks gayleg for tips. hope it'll come helpfull