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Saturday, 10 September 2011

Investing your money

As Rich dad in Rich Dad Poor Dad book said, we have to let money work for us and not make us work for the money.

Investment means letting your money grow. As the rate of inflation increases, the value of our money decreases. To combat inflation, we have to invest our money. Many other authors have suggested investment tips as given below:

1. Buying shares
2. Buying bonds.
3. Investing in Real estate.

I would like to focus on gold and silver.
Buying gold and silver is one of the investment strategies.Gold and silver are precious metails and their production are dwindling day by day. it is a golden opportunity to buy gold and silver metals to survive the inflation. Prices of silver and gold never goes down but goes up on daily basis. Prices of silver increases rapidly and it is used for industrial purposes.
If you want to buy for heirloom which will be passed from generation to generation, purchase gold coins. If you want to sell it, buy silver and gold bullions (bars).
Buying precious metals is one of the best investment strategies.

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