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Saturday, 10 September 2011

First love

Have you fallen in love even once in your life? Yes, everyone must have that experience. I had fallen in love too. I can still remember him vividly when I was in my class seventh standard when I was very innocent and studies girl.

He was my classmate who got transferred to our school from another school. Maybe fate was written that we could meet for short period of time and change my life for the better.

He proposed to me through another friend that he loved me. I was concerned about my studies and was scared that it would disturb my studies. I didn't respond to his reply.

He kept me loving from a distance and he never disturbed my life. He always gave me hints that he still loved me. He would pull the chair for me to sit or sing a romantic songs for me.
In my childhood days, I used to suffer from my inferiority complex. However, I felt beautiful because he loved me. He made me feel confident about myself. Although, we were never in a relationship, he kept me loving and that love made me strong. I knew what love is and what it can.

At present, he is married to another woman and got a kid. I still feel thankful that he made my life beautiful and what i am now is all because of him. We meet every person for a reason.

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