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Saturday, 10 September 2011

How to deal with breakup of relationship

Everyone of us get hurt one way or another in a relationship with the person you love.I want to tell you how to deal with it.


Everyone of us has experienced happiness, joy and love while being in love with a person. While in love you feel the world is very beautiful. You feel as if you could fly. It makes your world go round. You maybe someone to the world but you will be the world for that person.

You know always that everything is impermanent. It cannot last forever. The relationship with the person you love is gone suddenly. It is no more there. You are left by that person. You can't believe that it is happening to you.

This has happened to me one year back. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to cry but tears couldn't fall easily.I could feel a lump in my chest. My heart was crying. I couldn't tell my mom or sisters as I couldn't wanted them to feel pain.

When we are hurt, we don't feel like living. Our world seems hollow. We feel as everything has come to an end.

How did I deal with breakup?

I was browsing for help here and there. I was telling about my breakup to my friends as I require their support and help.

While I was on official tour to India, I stumbled accross a second hand book called " Starting over for Mars and Venus" by Mr. John Gray. He has written about how to heal our heart and move on. Our heart is broken and it needs to healed and become strong once again before finding love once again. If we don't let our heart get healed, we will be on rebound. It won't be good for all of us.I have learnt some simple exercises for healing our heart. They are given below:
Take a paper and a pencil and write down the following emotions:
1. Anger: for example:
I am angry because you left me for another person. Here, you can write about your anger about the breakup.
2. Sorrow: I feel very sad because you left me. I feel so scared. Please write your sorrow.
3. Fear: I feel scared that I won't be able find another person like you again.
4.Sadness: I feel sad that you are no there in my life.
You can explore all the emotions and write it down.
It helps alot.

I have always found that doing exercise like walking, jogging, yoga will help you alot in bringing control in your life. We become so dependent on that person. Exercise is the one of the ways to restore your independance.

I think we should remember about the good side of the relationship although tears might drop down your face but those are healing tears.

If you feel happy to remember that person, you are ready to move into a new relationship. That means your heart is healed and you can move on to find new love. I wish you all the best.

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