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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Relationship Breakup

Everybody falls in love and then later on breaks up. The world looks beautiful when we are in love. But it doesn't last long. The relationship ends for whatever reason maybe. Either we end up breaking or the other person wants the breakup.

There are different ways of breaking up. Some people would simply disappear without saying anything about the breakup. Some would hang on because he/she doesn't want to break up with you.Some people will give you a piece meal information when you ask them.

I think at this juncture  of breakup we have to be more understanding. We have to explain to them the reasons for breakup in detail. The person will in great pain. If possible request him/her for breakup and set you free. He/she will understand you and will be happy to let you go. Tell them that you have shared good times together and had so much fun. Maybe write him/her  a letter and explain to him/her in detail for the detail. Please be honest about everything you write and tell the person. That way, it will be easier for both of you. There won't be so much pain in the breakup. It will be easier for other person to heal the heart and move on fast. That person won't lose trust. I have met heart broken people online and they are still struck in pain and couldn't move on because their breakup has not be proper and good.

Let us be little more kinder by being honest and talking to them in person then just disappearing when breakup. I pray that breakup do not happen in the first place.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My third favourite book- "The alchemist" by Paulo Coelho

My dear readers,
Wish you a happy belated new year!. I was busy with the project which was due to be submitted on 31st December, 2011. I couldn't finish by the latest deadline. I managed to finish late. I was so engrossed with the project work that I didn't get time to wish you.

The year 2011 has come to an end. I will take the opportunity to thank all my readers for reading my posts and passing their comments and appreciations. When I saw the topic of my blog posts being searched on google search engine, I get inspired to write more posts.

Have you started to collect books to build up your home library? It would be better to start now. One idea is enough to change our life. The source of ideas are from books.
If you want to improve your personal and professional life, just refer the how to do books and they will improve your life for the better.

I have indicated two favourite books in my earlier two posts. The third favourite book is "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho. It is a book which inspires us to dream and pursue our dreams. The universe will help you to achieve your dreams. The life will throw you signs and omens to indicate that you are going is right or wrong directions.

I have debated with my mind hundred times whether to put this book as my second favourite book instead of "the monk who sold his ferrari" by Robin sharma. However, this book has taken the world by storm and I made up my mind to keep it in the second place.

So, if you want to get a gist or read my third favourite book written by Paulo Coelho, the book is available at You can click on link given below:

The book is available at any bookstore.
Wish you a happy belated new year and enjoy reading this book.

Monday, 9 January 2012

My second favourite book

I have indicated that my first favourite book is " Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. My second favourite book is " The Monk who sold his ferrari" by Robin Sharma. It has taken the world by storm. Indeed it has taken my  life by storm too.
Before reading this book, I used to believe that happiness is all in the state of mind. I used to make up my mind to be happy. Of course, I was happy for few minutes. What I felt was that something is amiss. This book is introduced to me by one of my best friends. After reading this book, I have experienced true happiness. I realized that we can experience true happiness.

If you fell that something is missing in your life, you should certainly read this. You can find it in any bookstore at cheap price.
This book tells us of following our dreams and be passionate about everything you do, fill our negative thoughts with good thoughts. The most important of all, you experience true happiness after reading it. If I tell you the story, the charm of reading will be lost. So, I  keep  for you to read and change for your life for the better.
Check this bookstore if you intend to buy online. This book is available in any local bookstore.

You won't regret buying this book.
To your happiness