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Friday, 16 September 2011

2 Tips to reduce weight

My dear friends,

If you have been struggling very hard to reduce weight,  then I have got two tips for you. If you follow the two tips strictly, then you will surely reduce weight within short period of time.

First Tip:
1. Eat heavy breakfast.
Breakfast is important for your memory and you need energy to carry out the day's work.

2. Have moderate lunch. If you have heavy lunch, you might feel sleepy.

3. Have light dinner. Maybe half of breakfast.
Since you are sleeping and don't have to work,   light dinner is sufficient for you.

Second Tip:
Go for walks or do aerobics in the morning or in the evening. The more fun way to shed extra fats is to dancing to a tune of music.

If you follow the above tips, I am sure you will reduce weight fast.

 if you have reduced weight by following the above two tips, just let me know.

With  regards,

Monday, 12 September 2011

Prayers better left unanswered

I would like to share an experience with you. This is experienced by my lady friend. She has narrated her experience with me and I am going to share with you.

She was an intelligent student and won prizes for her academic excellence in her school days. She was very much concerned about her study. She had dreams to become a doctor. In fact, her father wanted her to become a doctor.When she was in class 7, one  her classmates who was a boy has fallen in love with and passed the message through his friends.

She didn't know what love was then. It was a new word to her. She was scared to fall in love with him because she was concerned about her studies. However, that boy kept on loving her and gave her hints that he still loved her dearly. 

When she was in class 9, she started liking him. It was her first love. However, she couldn't tell him that she loved him. So, two years passed. 

Then in class 10, that boy got into a relationship with another girl. She told me that she was heartbroken and felt like crying. It was like as if the whole world seemed crashing down. Her world seemed hollow. She lost interest in studies and her grades were falling down.

She got scholarship from government to study Bachelor in Engineering in India. She still loved him and she spoke about him to all her friends everyday. Her friends must have got fed up of hearing her sad love story.

She graduated with good grades from the college. She got a job in the private company. She couldn't forget him.

She told me that she couldn't forget him for 8 years.She dreamed about him and she felt like picking him up from her dream. She was so much in love with him.She prayed that they could come together and get married.She wished upon the wishing star so that they could be together forever.

Fate decided otherwise.They were never meant to be with each other. One day, when she called him on his mobile, he told her that he is married. She felt that her world has come to an end. She was in a hope that she would be together with him. 

She couldn't forget him. It was her first love. First love has the deepest cut.She tried to move on and got into number of affairs with other men. However, she was comparing these men with the first person she loved. She was on rebound.

One day, she got a call from one of men who said he loves her. She was astonished as she didn't knew that person.However, she decided to meet him over the cup of coffee. They met and fell in love and decided to get married after one year of their acquaintance. They are happily married and have two kids.

She told me that sometimes the prayers are better left unanswered.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Investing your money

As Rich dad in Rich Dad Poor Dad book said, we have to let money work for us and not make us work for the money.

Investment means letting your money grow. As the rate of inflation increases, the value of our money decreases. To combat inflation, we have to invest our money. Many other authors have suggested investment tips as given below:

1. Buying shares
2. Buying bonds.
3. Investing in Real estate.

I would like to focus on gold and silver.
Buying gold and silver is one of the investment strategies.Gold and silver are precious metails and their production are dwindling day by day. it is a golden opportunity to buy gold and silver metals to survive the inflation. Prices of silver and gold never goes down but goes up on daily basis. Prices of silver increases rapidly and it is used for industrial purposes.
If you want to buy for heirloom which will be passed from generation to generation, purchase gold coins. If you want to sell it, buy silver and gold bullions (bars).
Buying precious metals is one of the best investment strategies.

First love

Have you fallen in love even once in your life? Yes, everyone must have that experience. I had fallen in love too. I can still remember him vividly when I was in my class seventh standard when I was very innocent and studies girl.

He was my classmate who got transferred to our school from another school. Maybe fate was written that we could meet for short period of time and change my life for the better.

He proposed to me through another friend that he loved me. I was concerned about my studies and was scared that it would disturb my studies. I didn't respond to his reply.

He kept me loving from a distance and he never disturbed my life. He always gave me hints that he still loved me. He would pull the chair for me to sit or sing a romantic songs for me.
In my childhood days, I used to suffer from my inferiority complex. However, I felt beautiful because he loved me. He made me feel confident about myself. Although, we were never in a relationship, he kept me loving and that love made me strong. I knew what love is and what it can.

At present, he is married to another woman and got a kid. I still feel thankful that he made my life beautiful and what i am now is all because of him. We meet every person for a reason.

How to deal with breakup of relationship

Everyone of us get hurt one way or another in a relationship with the person you love.I want to tell you how to deal with it.


Everyone of us has experienced happiness, joy and love while being in love with a person. While in love you feel the world is very beautiful. You feel as if you could fly. It makes your world go round. You maybe someone to the world but you will be the world for that person.

You know always that everything is impermanent. It cannot last forever. The relationship with the person you love is gone suddenly. It is no more there. You are left by that person. You can't believe that it is happening to you.

This has happened to me one year back. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to cry but tears couldn't fall easily.I could feel a lump in my chest. My heart was crying. I couldn't tell my mom or sisters as I couldn't wanted them to feel pain.

When we are hurt, we don't feel like living. Our world seems hollow. We feel as everything has come to an end.

How did I deal with breakup?

I was browsing for help here and there. I was telling about my breakup to my friends as I require their support and help.

While I was on official tour to India, I stumbled accross a second hand book called " Starting over for Mars and Venus" by Mr. John Gray. He has written about how to heal our heart and move on. Our heart is broken and it needs to healed and become strong once again before finding love once again. If we don't let our heart get healed, we will be on rebound. It won't be good for all of us.I have learnt some simple exercises for healing our heart. They are given below:
Take a paper and a pencil and write down the following emotions:
1. Anger: for example:
I am angry because you left me for another person. Here, you can write about your anger about the breakup.
2. Sorrow: I feel very sad because you left me. I feel so scared. Please write your sorrow.
3. Fear: I feel scared that I won't be able find another person like you again.
4.Sadness: I feel sad that you are no there in my life.
You can explore all the emotions and write it down.
It helps alot.

I have always found that doing exercise like walking, jogging, yoga will help you alot in bringing control in your life. We become so dependent on that person. Exercise is the one of the ways to restore your independance.

I think we should remember about the good side of the relationship although tears might drop down your face but those are healing tears.

If you feel happy to remember that person, you are ready to move into a new relationship. That means your heart is healed and you can move on to find new love. I wish you all the best.

Finding love once again

Falling in love

Everybody falls in love and as the time passes, the passion and love is not there. It is all gone. Relationship with the person whom you love is gone. What remains is sadness, loneliness and tears.You think it is end of your life. This article will tell you about finding love once again and be happy for the rest of your life.

Losing love

You are so happy when you meet a person of your dreams. Everything about the person is good. You talk to him for hours and hours at night. You hang out for a candle lit dinner and movie with him. The world seems so beautiful. You believe it will last forever.

But nothing lasts forever. Everything is impermanent in this world. As time passes, the passion and love is gone. You are on verge of breaking up as he is in love with another girl.That is the end of the relationship. One day, he tells you that the relationship is over. He wants a break up.
You couldn't believe the relationship is gone and the guy leaves you. You find yourself in tears. You beg him for one more chance. He doesn't give a second thought and leaves you alone. The first two days and nights are horrible for you. You wonder how you will survive through whole night. You soak your pillows with tears. You tend to fall asleep anyhow.

Next day, you wake up and you come to realize that he is no more with you.

Finding love once again

You also feel scared and afraid that you won't find love once again. I am sure you will find love once again. You tend to lose someone when you are destined to find someone who will love you more than you love yourself once again. To meet and recognize that person you have to heal your heart and move on. Please refer my article regarding how to deal with break up. After healing your heart, you will be able to meet your soul mate.

Finding love once again is the greatest gift you can give yourself and to the world. If you carry that pain, your family and friends will also be feeling pain and suffering.

I wish you all the best and I am sure you will find love once again.

The power of thank you

I am going share my experience while working in office. This has happened to me and it changed my life.
Have you ever said "Thank you" to others when they open the door for you or do something to you? I think it is the time you start from now. This two words "thank you" has so much power. It changes your life and other life as well for the better.

I can tell this as I have experienced in my life. I used to work in the office where there is no appreciation for the work I have done. My boss was strict too. I always feared while I was working in the office. I was not able to ask question or clarification from my boss whenever I had doubt. I felt I was not appreciated for the work I have done.

My life was going same everyday. However, my life changed one day.

It was one fine day when I received a call from one of the managers of the companies with which our company was dealing with. At that time, my boss was busy. I told him that our boss was busy. He requested me to call him when the boss finished talking and connect the line to him. It was long distance call. After my boss finished talking, I called that man and connected him to my boss through PABX. They talked about the official work for ten minutes. It was important.

After they finished talking, that man called me over the phone and said "Thank you very much." He told me that he could talk to my boss. He thanked me for calling him and connecting him to my boss. I was dumbstruck.. I couldn't believe that somebody is thanking me for the first time for the call I have made. I couldn't believe it. I was so happy.That made my day.

After that event, I always try to say "thank you to every person" who do things for me.This is sort of chain reaction. These two words changed my life. I always say thank you to every one and even to strangers when they help me or do things for me.. I know it makes them happy.

I request all you to say these two words to everyone who helps you because that will change their lives for the better and make this world a happier place to live.Who knows there might be a chain reaction.

So, this is the power of thank you.

Fitness for life

If wealth is lost, something is lost. if character is lost, something is lost. If health is lost, everything is lost. We have to be fit and healthy to enjoy the life. In order to be healthy and fit, walking is the best form of exercise. It reduces weight and keeps blood pressure under control. People who are walking regularly are fit and healthy and they do not suffer from diabetes.

Walking for thirty minutes every day can give immense benefit to you. It will keep you in shape and keep all diseases at bay. If you can't make time for walking, you have to make time for sickness.

If you are healthy and fit, you can do whatever in life.