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Monday, 10 October 2011

Head or Heart?

In our day to day life we have to make decisions very now and then. How do you make it? Do you follow your heart or head?

As for me, I follow a simple rule and it has helped me to make decisions in my life, be it wrong or right.
I follow the simple rule.

" If you want happiness, peace and tranquility, follow your heart.
 If you want wealth, money and power, follow your head."

The above rule or saying has helped me to make decisions and most of the times I have been following my heart and never went wrong.

At times, I have made decision based on what my heart said and it went wrong but I have learnt my lessons.
Head can be quite manipulative at times.

In matters of love, don't make decision based on your head because head never knows the gentle beating of heart.

You can make decision on what you want. I wish you success in whatever decision you make.

To your success!


  1. Can there be a head without a touch of heart and a heart without head. perhaps the heart is and has been the way of life for the old days and it still works to this day. congrats on your success following the heart. three cheers for the heart.

  2. Hi Karseldawa,as for me, I take head and heart as totally different.

  3. Thank you very much.. Sogyel Tobgyel