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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Teach your children to read.

Do you encourage your children to read books? If  not, you can start now. Teach your children to read books and your children will be grateful to you for that. Instead of sitting in front of television, you can sit with your children and read books for them and teach them to read  also. You know that reading has many benefits as follows:
  • Reading is said to lower your blood pressure.
  • Reading can open whole new world to the children and will develop his or her memory.
  • It can help in personal development.
  • It can give you ideas to solve any kind of problem and will help children to lead independent life.
  • It can improve your career.                                                
Next time, when you sit down with your children infront of idiot box, think about the benefits of reading books.

Parents can encourage children to read by gifting them books and reading with them or reading for them every half hour on daily basis. You will be happy that you did that and your children will be grateful to you for that.

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To you and your children's success!

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